Sunday, December 16, 2018

Turnani Tenda, The Gambia, December 14, 2018

I had a great sleep in the wilderness on my board frame bed and after breakfast we went on a village tour.  We had to practice a few words in the local language because we were going to meet the Chief:  How are you?  I am fine.  How's the family?  Fine.  Welcome to my village.  Thank you.  We sat in a circle while each of us jumped through these hoops-

After we walked through the village and women were busy grinding cassava leaves-

And peanuts-

The two will be combined and put on rice.  Christians live beside Muslims in this 400+ inhabitant village-

Our next stop was the school.  There are thirteen classrooms with grades 1-9 for 400 students.  I like the Teacher Code of Conduct, especially number 5-

Homework is required.  No Viking time here-

Lunch was the same vegetables as the last two meals: carrots, wild tomatoes which are very bitter and green, as well as sweet potatoe.  They did change it up today by serving us fish.  It was very good.  This afternoon, I read a book, had a sleep and just relaxed.  Looking forward to moving back into Senegal tomorrow!

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