Monday, October 3, 2022

 Day 12  Grañon to Villambistia, Spain  October 3,  2022

In spite of our bunkbeds looking sort of rubby, I had a great sleep and woke up on my own about 6:15.  People got moving about 6:30 and I was on the road by 7:25 which was in the dark. I could see a walker ahead of me so I followed him. He turned right and I hollered at him to make sure that we were going the right way. He came back to show me the sign. He was a nice young Italian trying to figure out what to do with his life.  

It’s interesting the reasons people are doing the Camino. Some are doing it because they like to hike. I can’t imagine. Others are doing it because they are sad – they are recovering from a death in their lives or more than one. Others have quit their jobs and are walking for inspiration, trying to find out what to do next. I’m wondering, especially after 22+ Kms why I am walking it and it is for none of those reasons. I feel very settled in my life but I’m not able to say I’m doing it for fun, at least not yet.

As far as an intention for the day, I didn’t really set one except I tried my best to walk alone. It is exhausting talking all the time, at least for me. I would say I walked by myself about 80% today. I’m pretty slow but there is no pressure to walk any certain speed as we always have a reservation for the next night so our beds are guaranteed. Right now I am travelling with Marjanne and Bernadette. I feel kind of bad because I took the last low bunk when we got to the hostel so that means they are on top.  An Italian woman is also in our room and she saved two bottom bunks for her friends who haven’t arrived yet. (I don’t like that).  She is sick,  possibly with leukaemia so she is taxiing from town to town and staying in the albergues with her friends rather than change her flight which is in a few days.  She sleeps the days away. Shitty.

Todays walk was 22.6 km-

 Along the way- sunflowers-

We left Rioja and entered Castillo y Leon-

Along the way-

Miles and more miles-

The day would not be complete without a church stop or two –

It was also a day of murals-

Again, I’m always looking for this sign –

It’s chile season and this family was torching theirs-

Another bridge-

We may have left some friends behind as they didn’t come as far as us.  Hopefully we will see them again:  Emily from Australia and Petra from Sweden-

It was 27 again mid afternoon but because we left early we arrived early at the San Roque hostel in Villambistia.  It’s lovely-

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