Friday, October 21, 2022

 Day 30  Valtuille de Arriba to Las Herrerias, Spain  October 21, 2022

Today was a 24.6 km day and 95% was on the shoulder of the highway.  Not fun!

I had no intention again today.  My days are numbered - hopefully 8 more and I know they’ll fly by.  I was thinking about how proud I am of this accomplishment, how lucky I am to be able physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to do it, how many interesting people I’ve met, how the rain has stayed away, how my feet don’t hurt, how my backpack’s not too heavy and on and on.  I guess that’s gratitude again, something we can never have too much of.

I left my albergue in the dark after a cup of instant coffee- yuck, toast with 3 kinds of homemade jam and a couple of cookies.  The Spanish like cookies for breakfast!  It was dark but this picture doesn’t look like it-

I hate walking in the dark and my head torch seems to be getting dim.  I bought some AAA batteries to replace them but when I opened it up, it’s a Chinese special with some weird kind of square battery.  I’ll probably have to buy a new one!

In Villafranca del Bierzo, there’s a castle right when you arrive.  It’s a private residence or at least was until recently.  Apparently the family is going to give it or sell it to the town; I can’t imagine the upkeep-

Plaza Mayor is always nice-

How funny to see a no smoking sign on a tobacco  shop-

Another church-

More Camino statues-

After leaving Villafranca, the “fun” began.  At least the traffic wasn’t heavy.  I walked beside a river for many miles.  They have great infrastructure-

There were no services in this ghost town-

I had croquettes for lunch but they were cold in the centre.  They’re cheese and ham filled-

Finally Las Herrerias!  It’s a pretty village in a valley-

A pretty village-

Nice yucca flowers-

I’m staying at Albergue- Pension Casa Lixa-

It’s only the second place where I had to rent a blanket.  There are 4 bunkbeds in our room and 5 Canadians-

I visited with Suzanna and Juliette from Pickering and then booked a bus ticket from Santiago to Madrid for Sunday October 30.  I’ll arrive at the airport at 9 pm and then fly to Malta at 6 am the next day!  Not looking forward to a night in the airport but a hotel room doesn’t make sense.  I wouldn’t sleep anyway, worrying about sleeping in.  Things are moving along!

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