Thursday, October 6, 2022

Day 15 Burgos to Rabé de las Calzadas  October 6, 2022

I had a leisurely start with a walk around the old town of Burgos before heading out.  

Behind the cathedral was a lovely wall painting-

I didn’t set an intention for the day because leaving Burgos I felt kind of sad so thought I’d delve into that. When I’m feeling something that doesn’t make sense, I always ask “ Who does this belong to because it’s not mine?”  Usually the unwanted emotion goes back to its owner but today I wondered if I perhaps was a bit sad.  I’m definitely missing home although I wouldn’t say I’m homesick.  I miss my long visits with Jane, cuddling my grandchildren, seeing my friends and parents, my condo and even subbing.  I think I miss normal life - certainly not enough to come home early but enough to know this will be my last long trip and I’m fine with that.  Oh the things we learn on the Camino.

The walk today was 13.4 km.  Rather than have a rest day in Burgos, I decided instead to just have a shorter day.  It was sunny and pretty warm and thank goodness the strong wind was in my back-

It was a bit of a shit show getting out of Burgos because the exit gate was being restored.  I probably walked an extra couple of kilometres but eventually was out of the city.  Along the boring way-

I’m getting there-

Lunch was great- a bocadillo of lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and tuna-

Rabé de las Calzadas is a village whose homes are all well cared for-

The Albergue Liberanos Domine has a beautiful bathroom, very hot water and fast internet-

We four are alone in a room and the beds aren’t squeaky-

I did a bit of laundry- there were white sweat lines on my shirt!, then met Jane and Gary at another albergue for drinks and a visit.

Nothing looks familiar from my last trip, maybe tomorrow I’ll recognize something.  I’m hoping for a great sleep and then tomorrow I’m off to Hontanas.

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