Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Day 14  Atapuerca to Burgos, Spain  October 5, 2022

I had another great sleep and we were on the road by 7:20. Burgos, which is where I started biking in 2018 was 20 km away-

It was an uphill climb but the view was beautiful-

It wasn’t so easy walking on these rocks but at least they didn’t move-

There was a cross at the top of the hill –

Walking down-

Always such interesting architecture-

We came upon a split in the trail and me, with 13 days and 300 km of hiking experience decided not to listen to the two hikers who have years of experience and 1000s of kilometres.  My route was 700 m shorter so that was the attraction.  Well, I walked along a not too busy road and then about 8 km on city sidewalks which kill your feet while they walked through a forest and along a river.  I will not make that mistake again! 

I passed Parroquia de Santa Maria La Real de Antigua-

and Camino symbols-

It was recess at school-

 I arrived first and soon we were checked in to Hostel Cathedral Burgos-

Marianne, Bernadette, Helle and I-

are in a private room-

and checkout is 11 so I’m hoping for a lazy morning but I know I’ll be awake at 6.

I didn’t set an intention; I just thought about the same ones I’ve had the last two weeks.  I walked pretty much pain free all day!  Now that’s exciting!  

The Plaza Mayor is filled with brightly painted buildings-

We had lunch in the square- calamari and a tapas of fried egg and morcilla which is blood sausage.  It’s a Burgos speciality and delicious.

I wandered around and found Puente Santa Maria-

Arco Santa Maria was the principal entrance into the city during the 13th to 16th centuries-

La Castaneda was roasting chestnuts-

It was time to go to the cathedral which is more like a museum than a church.  The cathedral was started in 1221 and completed in 1567, although an altar had been built by 1260 when it was consecrated.  The long construction period was due to a two century-long break.  It sits on an area of 110,870 square feet and the tallest parts of the French gothic style cathedral are the two spires on the two main towers that reach a height of 289 feet.

The decoration is exquisite-

A ceiling dome-

The Golden Staircase-

The main altar-

The chapel of Santa Catalina-

The route through the cathedral is very well laid out so everyone goes the same direction.  At the end of the visit is a small museum.  This chalice dates from 1470-

The pixides held the hosts.  They’re from 1510-

Sacred oil was kept in the crismera-

There were lots of crosses and other paraphernalia including the painting of The Birth of Christ from 1500-

That’s enough.  

It’s amazing to me how since day 1, when we first met in Orisson, so many of us are still on the same schedule.  Countries represented are Australia, America, Canada, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway and Hungary-

We met for supper and ended up on one of three tapas streets.  Tapas are so beautiful looking!  They all cost the same - 2€50 ($3.36)-

I had a ham, cheese and white asparagus croquette.  It was soooo good-

Later I walked around and the streets just kept getting busier and busier.  A glass of wine, probably 4-5 ounces costs less than $3 so it’s not an expensive night out-

And yet another church - San Lorenzo-

How far I’ve come and where I’m going-

I’m looking forward to a quiet sleep, a slow easy morning and maybe tapas for breakfast!

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