Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Day 35   Palas de Rei to Ribadiso, Spain   October 26, 2022

The third last day!  How can that be?  The day passed really quickly in spite of 26.1 km.  After a great supper of lasagna last night, I bought a new poncho that is heavy rubber and a new headlamp.  I am completely rainproof now and it did rain a bit today.  This morning I thought I’d stop at 20 km but I still felt good so I carried on-

because I thought better to go more today and less the next two days. After breakfast, I left in the dark and almost immediately was walking with Carla from Barcelona who is a gynecologist. We had a very interesting conversation and then she picked up her pace and left me in the dust!  I’ve decided that Sarria to Santiago is the Spanish version of Disneyland-  so many people talking, blasting music, just generally making a lot of noise. They pass you on the path and don’t say hello or even respond when I say hello to them. I know it’s their country and they are entitled to do what they want but it is a sad end to a great activity for me and many others who started a while ago.  So many now-

My intention for today was forgiveness.  I couldn’t really come up with anybody that I need to forgive because I generally do that soon after something uncomfortable has happened and I don’t hold a grudge. Then I turned the table and thought about or hoped that anyone that needed to forgive me would do so. Forgiveness is a huge liberator because holding a grudge is like drinking poison. It only hurts the person who is angry.

 It was a mushroom kind of day-

As well as a hórreos (corn storage) day-

Along the way-

Lunch was a quite rare burger and I was assured I wouldn’t get sick and so far so good-

The menu translation was funny-

O Leboreiro has an interesting church-

with frescoes-

Carrying on-

Finally I came to Ribadiso which appears very new because the roof tiles aren’t slabs of slate-

The Albergue Milpés was up the hill but at least I don’t have to climb it first thing in the morning-

I’m in a 6 bed dorm with people I met last night from Germany.  I’m hoping for a great sleep as I’m really tired.  I’ve also got a bottom bunk - again!  I play the old card every time!  

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