Saturday, October 8, 2022

 Day 17   Hontanas to Itero de La Vega   October 8, 2022

After a lousy sleep (the beds creaked all night and roosters started crowing way before morning), I had eggs and ham again and was on the road by 7:50.  It was a 20.2 km day-

I didn’t set an intention because I am practising being grateful for all that is around me. My feet feel pretty good during the walk but are sore at the end of the day.  I have a few toes and my heels taped but everything is healing well. I’m not stiff anywhere either.

Along the way-

As it got light, my first stop was the San Miguel ruin, just sitting there in a field looking ready to topple over.  I wonder what the whole building looked like-

The San Antón Convent was founded in 1146 by Alphonso VII.  Today it is an albergue for 12 people but there is no electricity. It would’ve been an interesting place to stay-

The altar-

Leaving for the next town Castrojerez-

We walked on the road which isn’t easy on the feet.  Here are excellent plateaus!  Glad I don’t have to climb them-


and Santa Maria de la Manzana-

The main altar-

Wooden carved side altars-

A pilgrim-

Silver insignias from the 17th and 18th centuries-

Anyone important during the construction of the church might get a spot on the altar-

Wild Bill Hickok-

I love pipe organs.  I only wish someone was playing it-

Beautiful stained glass-

One thing about the camino is that it takes you through the heart of every village.  The next stop was of course at another church Santo Domingo, which had a few exhibits inside and a light show-

There are ruins of a castle on the hill overlooking the town.  Construction started in the 9th century and concluded in the 16th.  It was destroyed by an earthquake in the 18th century-

After lunch we left Castrojeriz only to see our future - the white road in the distance going up the hill-

And then the really bad news-

Whoa!  Actually I don’t mind climbing hills at all, in fact my speed picks up believe it or not.  The view along the way up was nice.  They’re combining sunflowers-

A little higher-

And finally from the top-

What goes up must come down-

Carrying on-

I crossed the Puente Itero; for some reason I’m finding bridges very interesting-

And arrived at-

I found the hostel-

and what a shit show. Last night when I tried to book four beds, Blanca, the woman of the hostel told me 2 beds were guaranteed and to show up early to get the other two.  No one is going to take the chance not to have a bed because it’s a long way to the next town so my friends booked in another hostel. As it turns out, Blanca did have four beds for me but I told her that my friends had booked elsewhere because of her uncertainty. Now there is one woman in a two bed room because no one else came along to fill it. Serves her right.

When Blanca’s husband showed me the room, I hugged him!  It is awesome- just like a real hotel room!

The bathroom has lots of space so our clothes don’t get wet when we shower and neither does the floor. There’s even a floor mat!

After checking in, I went to the local bar looking for something to eat. It was packed with football players and so noisy-

There is no restaurant in town so I bought chorizo, queso, a tomato and pan to make a sandwich for both supper and tomorrow’s breakfast.  I’ve been in bed since 6 pm, just enjoying the privacy and quiet.

We are off to Villarmentero de Campos tomorrow!  Looking forward to it!

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