Wednesday, October 12, 2022

 Day 21  Sahagún to El Burgo Ranero, Spain  October 12, 2022

My sleep was good even though last night we could hear someone either above us or beside us squeaking in the tub and then this morning taking a shower.  I think they built the monastery with very thin walls so the nuns had to behave!  Breakfast was leftovers from the communal supper last night so there was a lot of cheese and meat.  That keeps me full and it was a good thing because the first town was 10 km away-

I walked 17.8 km and it was okay.  The ball on my left foot hurts when I land on a rock and there were a few on the path.  I put ibuprofen lotion on it as well as on my legs and that helped.  I seemed to have a few leg aches and pains today.

My intention for the day was to be careful of first impressions.  Lots of what one reads stresses the importance of making a good first impression, but if we are making a decision about someone on first meeting them, we are really judging and how can we know someone well enough after a first meeting?  I met a woman awhile ago and after a few minutes, I didn’t want to spend anymore time with her.  However, I keep running into her and I really enjoy her now.  So, from now on, I’m working on first, second and even third impressions before making a decision.

Along the way-

Another church-

Where I stopped for a café Americano, actually two, they had some very nice paintings decorating the hostal walls-

The walk was kind of boring but I saw the first fields of corn.  Some had been harvested and others not-

Our albergue, La Laguna, in El Burgo Ranero is like a cheap North American motel-

It does have a nice garden.  I found a good restaurant that offered hamburgers and good wifi.  They had an interesting menu-

Tomorrow I’m off to Mansilla de las Mulas which is 18.8 km away.  Hope my foot is better, however it isn’t so painful that I’ll have to stop.

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