Thursday, October 27, 2022

Day 36  Ribadiso to O Pedrouzo, Spain  October 27, 2022

I had a great sleep and was walking by 8:20; in the dark and in the rain.  The plan for today was to get to O Pedrouzo.  It was 22.3 km-

My intention for the day was appreciation and pride.  This has really been quite the accomplishment and 800 km of walking? Who in their right mind would even try to do that? Also throughout the day I felt gratitude and pleasure at my achievement, however, through out the day I heard voices as my feet ached-  “Okay Rambo, how much longer?  I don’t know how many more kilometres I can handle.”  “Honey”, I replied, “give me 20, that’s all I need!”

It was a rainy day and not a lot of fun. Along the way-

There’s a bar with walls made of beer bottles-

And there’s a “wisdom”wall-

I was enjoying reading the wall until I read the idea that maybe God’s gift to Adam and Eve with the apple referred to a vegetarian diet.  I quit reading that bullshit and carried on.

There were so many people it was disgusting. At one point about 30 bicycles went by.  I wanted to push them all over.  Whoops!  Haven’t learned much on the camino, have you!

There are all kinds of travellers-

The rain doesn’t stop Bubba-

I just kept my head down and kept walking. I’d made a reservation but wanted the bottom bunk and so I just kept going.  My feet were killing me. I arrived and it’s awesome -  Albergue O Burgo-

I had an awesome pulpo supper- that’s octopus.  It was cooked to perfection-

Then I had one of the best pieces of Santiago cake I’ve had on the trip –

Helle came over and we drank a bottle of wine and discussed our ending tomorrow in Santiago. It’s going to be weird


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