Sunday, December 4, 2022

Manama, Bahrain  December 4, 2022

I felt normal this morning, thank goodness so headed to the souq-

I love the spice shops-


and the lamps-

The dresses are very ornate-

and the embroidery is done in the shop-

There are furniture shops-

with fabric covered boxes-

Incense burners are out on the street in front of shops.  The smell gives me a headache-

Fancy pasta-

and gold shops-

Next we walked around looking at some of the amazing architecture such as the Bahrain Financial Harbour building-

and the Bahrain World Trade Center-

There are even wind turbines mounted on the bridges-

Fancy mosques-

We went to a restaurant promoted by Lying Planet and it was awful.  I did however like how they  were baking their bread.  First, the ball of dough was flattened and shaped on a mould-

Then he threw it into the oven and it clung to the side-

Once cooked, which only took a few seconds, he pulled it out with a hook and threw it into the bread basket-

We caught an Uber home and I spent awhile by the pool-

During happy hour, I had a couple beer in the “last chance saloon” as there will be no alcohol in Kuwait or Saudi - nothing until December 31!

We have  an 8:30 departure as we head back to Saudi to bush camp before heading into Kuwait the next day.

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