Sunday, December 25, 2022

Medina, Saudi Arabia, Christmas Day, 2022

I had a great sleep in spite of barking feral dogs and it didn't get too cold.  

Merry Christmas from Mark, Graham and Christine, Tom, Lena and Tyson, me, Dave, Richard, Cynthia, Dustin, Zap (Ishfaq), Kelly, unknown Paki, Zip (Waseem) and Terry-

We were on our way to Medina by 8 am.  Along the way, the ground is covered in black volcanic stones-

Then sand-

Then more black rocks-

Another random roundabout-

I had a very weird hamburger for lupper.  The bun was covered in a cheese sauce-

It made a complete mess of my hands and face-

Four of us had a gift exchange and that was Christmas.  Pretty low key.

Tomorrow I’m going  on a hop on, hop off bus. I wonder what the sites are!

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