Sunday, December 25, 2022

Christmas Eve, Al Wa’ahba Crater, Saudi Arabia, 2022

We were on the road by 8, heading to Al Wa’ahba Crater-

Driving through Jeddah we saw more weird and random statues-

Finally I got a decent photo of these cute coffee shops-

We soon were in the middle of nowhere driving through mountains-

and then back to nothingness-

Dave from London was enjoying the scenery-

We stopped in a town for lunch. Karen and I always eat in a restaurant but lots of the others buy cans of tuna, cans of beans, bread, cookies and chips for their lunch. There’s no way I am doing that when I can get barbeque chicken and fresh bread for less than five dollars. Today’s lunch was excellent and every restaurant has a sink with soap so a person can wash.  Here, you dry your hands using this extra large roll of toilet paper-

The women’s bathroom usually has a couple starting blocks and one American toilet. Women’s bathrooms are usually around the back of the mosque-

Wahba Crater is the result of an underground volcanic explosion. It measures 1.3 km across and 200 m deep. In the middle, white sodium phosphate crystals create a milky lake whenever it rains-

Nearby were two Overland trucks from Germany. I had a short visit with the two couples and then watched as one man brought his drone in-

I think I’d like a drone.

We had an early supper because we are camping at the crater and I was in my tent by 5:30!  It gets dark by 6:15 and once the sun is gone it gets chilly. Tomorrow we are going to Medina for two nights in a hotel.  Merry Christmas Eve!

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