Friday, December 30, 2022

Jubbah, Saudi Arabia to Jordan Bush Camp,  December 30, 2022

Our “new” bus arrived at 3:30 this morning and we were slow getting our gear transferred and going.  We crossed into Jordan late and it took .  Our new bus is a Mercedes and it has a heater so we were nice and warm all day.  However, it’s not very clean and I’ve got a backache.  

Where we are going-

Along the way - such randomness- crazy roundabout monuments-

Fancy boulevards-

A playground in the middle of nowhere-

and of course the city sign-

Along the way-

There were swathers and balers in one town but I haven’t seen anything remotely close to farmland.  

We stopped for lunch and I got rotisserie chicken to go.  They even gave me a tablecloth!  They put clear plastic in front of you on the table or on the platform before you eat-

Tonight is the LAST bush camp!!!!  I’m on cook group and we ate at 9 pm.  Luckily Karen is our kitchen guru and so it went smoothly but I didn’t get to my tent until 10:15.  We are off to Amman, Jordan tomorrow!

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