Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  December 13, 2022

I had a very lazy day, not moving except for breakfast until early afternoon.  Then I walked 6 kilometres to the palace, only to be told it’s closed for a week.  I carried on to Masmak Fort/Museum-

which featured an explanation of the Saud family coming to power.  In 1902 Emir Abdul Aziz bin Abdurrahman Al-Saud and his gang stormed Masmak Fort.  The main door is original, which I find hard to believe-

and there is still a spear tip embedded in it from the 1902 takeover-

There’s also a coffee display explaining about the dallah which is the traditional coffee pot.  It represents generosity and hospitality-

The most expensive dallah in the world because of its decoration-

Depending where you are in Saudi depends on which spices are added to the ground coffee beans-

The naqir was used to grind the beans and spices-

There were also photos of Riyadh in the past.  The souq in 1937-

Barbers and dentists in the souq in 1951, removing teeth in the street-

I could have ignored the fort and been just as happy but it was something to do and good exercise.

Once again-

Who knows what I’ll do tomorrow!

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