Saturday, December 17, 2022

Police and Pay Camp to Abha, Saudi Arabia, December 17, 2022

It was a cold night but I managed to stay very warm in my three season downfilled sleeping bag. When I went to bed, the fly on my tent was already wet but this morning it had dried and the cloud and mist from last night was gone and the sky was a beautiful clear blue. Our first stop was Mount Al Souda which is 3015 meters above sea level.  It’s the highest peak in Saudi-

with a funny sign-

Heading down the mountain there are a lot of terraced fields-

And Abha is bigger than I first thought-

We were able to check in very early.  What a place!  We have a full kitchen with a washing machine but no place to dry the clothes because we are leaving too early in the morning-

A living room-

A master bedroom with ensuite-

and the room Karen and I will share-

The only downfall is that the shower gets the whole bathroom wet so that’s a bit of a drag but the water is really hot and the pressure is great.  It’s too bad we’re not staying here more than one night-

I went exploring and found that both sites were closed because they are under renovation. I found an Indian place to eat with all deep fried food but it was very good. I mistakenly took a mosque for the palace-

I couldn’t figure out why the man at the door wouldn’t let me in!  Later, I found an ultramodern supermarket and will just spend the rest of the day on my bed, enjoying it!

Tomorrow we are off to Jazan. Time is flying by!

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