Thursday, November 14, 2019

Bucerias, Mexico, el 13 de noviembre, 2019

I had an interesting night.  There’s a bar next door that plays music until after midnight but I didn’t mind because it’s rock, not hip hop or that techno shit that shouldn’t even be called music.  It lulled me to sleep.  The sheets on my bed are the absolute best - they are Diblaga - made in Mexico.  I’ve never slept on such nice sheets!  I’ve contacted the company to see where I can buy some they are that nice.  And, the AC in my room is top notch.  I could just stay there all day!

But I didn’t because I had a few things to check out.  First, I tried to find the Tequila Museum which apparently does not exist.  I called their number on their website and I got the Hard Rock Cafe in Vallarta!  So much for that idea but I did see some great wall art along the way-

There’s also a monument to divers along the beach-

Jennifer, my Air BNB host is originally from Oklahoma but she has lived in Mexico since she was 6.  She is renting the house I’m staying in for $500 US/month and she is also an online EAL teacher.  I was awoken this morning at 5:30 am when she started her lessons!  Most of her students are Asian children.  She and I took chairs down to the beach for an hour or so-

I’m not sure about Bucerias.  It’s a quaint, small beach town but swarming with Canadians.  I stopped at an excellent hamburger restaurant last night and had supper with four people from Ontario and six from B.C.  The construction of condominiums is insane.  In no time, Bucerias will be as crazy as PV.   I think I’d rather spend time in a more authentic part of the country. but time will tell.

I’ve decided to stay another night so I can go back to the beach tomorrow.  There’s also an Art Walk that is only on Thursday nights that I’m going to check out.  I also need to book my bus and Air BNB in Mazatlan.  Looking forward to tomorrow.

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