Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Puerto Vallarta to Bucerias, el 12 de noviembre, 2019

Yesterday was pretty much a right off.  I guess I was celebrating Shit Face Mondays on Sunday - still thinking I’m on the truck!  I woke up a bit hung over so I didn’t do much but I felt depressed.  I was glad I wasn’t moving on.  I played a lot of online Scrabble, then went to Esmeralda’s to play against Claus.  He’s a former German language prof at the University of Manitoba.  I won by quite a bit.  Then Allan, the SaskPower guy from Yorkton and I played and I beat him quite handily too.  Later, I went to Viviane’s for a final visit.  The pirate boat was in front of their place and they blasted off about a dozen fireworks that were very nice.

This morning I felt a lot better so leisurely packed and was on the road to Bucerias by 10:30.  It took about 1.5 hours door to door via 2 buses.  This time I have a room in a house but the owners spend their time in Nuevo.  My room is very nice-

and the air conditioner is new so it’s super powerful.  Heaven!  The bathroom is separate but that’s okay.  I got settled then went to the beach which is about a minute away.  It’s very empty compared to PV.  Looking south-

Looking north-

 I walked for about an hour, then went through the market-

and found a very busy Mariscos restaurant.  There were many Mexicans eating there so you know it’s good food and good value.  This gorgeous salad, filled with shrimp, scallops, octopus, oysters and clams was $11.00-

There were numerous salsas to pick from, including one I call fire in a jar-

It’s marinated onions and chilies and just a drop burns forever.  Needless to say I didn’t spoil my food by putting it on!

After my afternoon siesta, simply to avoid the heat, I went walking again.  Along the way-

The Kissing Bridge-

Parroquai Senora de la Paz, the local Catholic Church-

Bucerias seems like a nice, quiet beach town with lots of restaurants to chose from.  Looking forward to more exploring tomorrow.

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